Northern Ireland council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment

CCEA is the Northern Ireland Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment. CCEA places learners and those who have a concern for their educational and personal development at the forefront of its thinking. CCEA’s mission is:“To enable the full potential of all learners to be achieved and recognised”
CCEA is a unique educational body in the UK, bringing together the three areas of curriculum, examinations and assessment.
Advising Government – on what should be taught in Northern Ireland’s schools and colleges.
Monitoring Standards – ensuring that the qualifications and examinations offered by awarding bodies in Northern Ireland are of an appropriate quality and standard.
Awarding Qualifications – as Northern Ireland’s leading awarding body we offer a diverse range of qualifications, such as GCSEs, including the new GCSE Double Award
specifications in vocational subjects, GCE A and AS levels, Entry Level Qualifications, and Graded Objectives in Modern Languages.